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Fire Compartmentation

Reducing the spread of smoke and flames is a priority when fires occur, so compartmentation should be an integral part of all fire safety strategies to ensure buildings remain stable and structurally sound.

With 30 years of experience, Rhino Fire Control delivers high-calibre compartmentation solutions, underpinned by our ISO 9001 certification, making us a trustworthy and reputable partner for your fire protection strategy.

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What Is Fire Compartmentation?

Despite advances in construction techniques and materials, fire continues to be a major hazard in commercial, settings. Compartmentation, in combination with fire alarms and sprinkler systems, significantly slows down the spread of smoke and fire, allowing people time to escape to safety, protecting the building from heat damage, and giving the emergency services more time to respond.

At Rhino Fire Control, our experienced fire consultants work with property managers, facilities teams, architects, construction firms, and Building Control officers to integrate effective compartmentation that is aligned with your fire safety strategy, reducing the chances of a minor fire becoming a major catastrophe.

Identifying Breaches In Existing Installations

We also carry out detailed surveys of buildings as part of preventive maintenance to identify potential compartmentation breaches.

From fire doors, compartment walls and service risers and joint seals, our team of highly trained engineers will assess the integrity of your building to evaluate how effectively smoke and fire would be contained. Even the smallest breach will render compartmentation ineffective, so a close eye for detail and regular reviews are crucial to spot the earliest signs of deterioration.

With compartmentation breaches identified, we will recommend how these issues can be rectified and implement improvements quickly to protect the integrity of the building.

Find Out More

Fire compartmentation is a vital part of any fire mitigation and evacuation strategy. For more information or to speak with one of our fire safety consultants, please get in touch.

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