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Fire Doors

Fire doors are a critical element of any business’s fire safety strategy. An effective way of achieving fire compartmentation – the process of slowing the spread of smoke and flames by strategically positioning physical barriers around a building – fire doors can:

  • Reduce the ingress of fire and smoke, often to protect evacuation routes or vulnerable areas.
  • Facilitate the safe evacuation of people from the building to a safe place.
  • Protect valuable assets from damage or destruction.

At Rhino Fire Control, we design and provide effective fire protection strategies to minimise the risk to life and property when a fire breaks out. With three decades’ experience, we provide expert advice about incorporating fire doors into your business’s Fire Safety Strategy.

Fire Doors

From Design To Installation: Full Fire Door Service

If you’re planning to bring your industrial, commercial, or premises in line with current fireproofing regulations, Rhino Fire Control can help you.

Our FDIS and BM TRADA-certified assessors conduct a thorough audit of your building’s fire doors, ensuring they are in excellent working order and comply with BS 8214 and BS999 regulations. Fire doors are supplied in different grades, each offering a different level of protection (ranging from 30 to 120 minutes of fire resistance). Where fire doors require replacement, we can provide advice about the different options available, considering your business’s fire strategy needs.

Our fire safety planning specialists can also assess your building’s layout, either in an existing construction or a new build, to determine the most suitable places for fire doors to be installed. Our fire doors are installed to certified product standards, with a wide variety of doors and frames to meet your business’s industrial or commercial needs and aesthetic requirements.

Fire Door Maintenance & Repairs

Fire doors must always be kept in full working order, so a bi-annual inspection is a legal requirement (with new-build properties requiring more frequent checks in the first year after completion). Our qualified specialists carry out detailed checks to identify emerging problems so these can be urgently rectified.

By keeping you fully informed via our comprehensive reporting service, you will be able to make informed decisions quickly, so your employees, customers, and visitors are protected should a fire break out on your premises.

Find Out More

For more information about fire doors and how the right equipment can improve fire safety and prevention measures on your premises, or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch with one of our fire safety consultants today.

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