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Design & Installation

When you need a fire safety system for your business, it pays to get it right. That’s why, at Rhino Fire Control, we tailor our fire safety systems exactly to the needs of each business and building, so that no stone is left unturned in the drive for highly effective and dependable safety solutions.

Design and Installation 1

Real-World Protection During An Emergency

While rigorous testing and a comprehensive servicing and maintenance programme will keep your system in excellent working order, only a genuine emergency will really put it to the test.

With lives and property at risk, your fire safety system must be responsive, reliable, and robust. There simply is no margin for error.

From inception to deployment, we manage the entire design and installation process so that our fire safety systems deliver the results your business needs.

Tailored Designs That Emerge From Partnership

At Rhino Fire Control, we treat every request for help as a partnership.

From the outset, our specialist design team will work closely with you to learn about your specific requirements, to ensure that our recommended products, systems, or service packages flawlessly meet your business’s needs.

We’ll also incorporate any stipulations laid down by your insurance company, the Local Authority, or fire safety officer, to ensure your business complies with regulations.

Design and Installation 2

Professional Installations That Don’t Disrupt Business

Your fire safety system will be installed by our BAFE-certified technicians who are professionally trained to current British Standards, giving you confidence in the quality of their work.

If we’re installing a new fire safety system in your existing workplace, our technicians will minimise disruption so that your staff can continue their work undisturbed. We’ll also ensure the safety of your colleagues and customers by working respectfully and tidily around them.

System Deployment That Maximises Project Success

None of our design and installation projects is complete until we have undertaken robust and thorough testing to assess their effectiveness in a real-life emergency. When required, the smallest adjustments are made to ensure maximum protection of people and property.

At Rhino Fire Control, we also believe that training is a powerful tool against fires, so we will make sure that relevant staff learn the knowledge and skills to operate and manage the fire safety system.


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