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Fire Safety signage Standards

At Rhino Fire Control, we supply and install a comprehensive range of fire safety signage for any building in the industrial, commercial, or local government sectors, to shorten evacuation times and give people the best chance of escaping from smoke and flames.

When a fire starts, immediate evacuation of the building is the priority to ensure people reach a place of safety quickly.

In large or complex buildings, finding the nearest escape route can be challenging, especially for customers who are unfamiliar with the layout of the premises. The presence of smoke in a building of any size can also delay evacuation, as exit routes become obscured and panic sets in.

Fire Safety Signage

Fire Safety Signage: Simple Yet Effective

Under UK health and safety law, businesses are required to display clear and legible fire safety signage to show employees, customers, and service users the closest exit routes in emergency evacuations or the location of fire-fighting equipment.

Fire safety signage is extremely simple yet cost-effective, and includes signs for:

  • Emergency exits
  • Fire doors
  • Assembly Points
  • Refuge Points
  • Fire extinguishers

However, an effective fire signage strategy is not simply a case of putting up a few signs around the workplace. The positioning of each sign, ensuring it is unobstructed and appropriately placed, is critical; poorly situated signs could be confusing in an emergency, leading to delayed evacuation and, potentially, serious injuries or death.

For All Your Fire Signage Needs

At Rhino Fire Control, our comprehensive service includes detailed fire safety planning, which will consider how fire signage should be best positioned to give people the greatest chance to escape should a fire occur.

Using our extensive experience of supporting businesses in a range of sectors, our fully trained Fire Safety Consultants can provide expert advice on:

  • The shortest evacuation routes from different locations within your building.
  • The most suitable place to designate as a Fire Assembly Point.
  • Best practice in fire safety planning to achieve the shortest evacuation times possible.
  • Optimal positioning of fire safety equipment, including sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers.
  • The positioning of fire safety signage to minimise risks to employees, customers, and service users.

As well as advanced planning, we also provide a full installation service that ensures your business meets its legal obligations under the Health and Safety Act while safeguarding the welfare of everyone who visits and works in your building.

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