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Service & maintenance

Effective fire protection depends on high-quality, expert service and maintenance of equipment, to ensure that it works when it is most needed. At Rhino Fire Control, we provide specialist maintenance of your fire protection equipment to safeguard your assets if a fire breaks out and ensure your organisation complies with important safety legislation.

The risk of fire is a constant worry, but our professional service and maintenance ensure that, should the unthinkable happen, the danger to life and property is minimised. We offer ongoing maintenance and repair services for all the systems we design and install, including:


Fire alarms

Early detection of fires is critical to protect lives and help contain an outbreak. Alarm systems facilitate swift evacuation and ensure that fire and rescue services are alerted to the situation.

Our essential fire alarm service and maintenance contracts ensure your systems remain in excellent working order. At Rhino Fire Control, we offer:

✔ 24/7 emergency callouts when alarm systems malfunction.

✔ Bi-annual inspections of equipment to identify and resolve technical problems.

✔ Completion of all service records as confirmation of your business’s regulatory compliance.

Fire Alarm Call Point

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is critical for the safe evacuation of your building should your mains electricity connection fail. Emergency lighting should be connected to a backup power source and provide clear guidance to emergency exits and evacuation points.

Our service and maintenance agreements ensure that your emergency lighting systems are maintained in excellent condition should you need them:

✔ Planned preventative maintenance

✔ 24-hour emergency callout for repairs

✔ Efficiency testing

✔ Clear evacuation routes to emergency exits


Fire extinguishers

When minor fires occur, a fast response can prevent a major disaster.
Regular servicing of your fire extinguishers ensures they are in prime condition and correctly pressurised. It’s also important to ensure that your wall mountings are secure, to prevent the extinguishers from becoming loose and posing a safety risk.

Our certified engineers ensure that your fire extinguishers are serviced to BS 5306-3:2009 standards, with all relevant documentation completed, giving you the reassurance that, should a minor fire occur, your staff will have the best equipment to tackle the blaze.

Fire suppression systems

In premises that are vulnerable to fire, such as manufacturing, power, or industrial plants, early detection and suppression of fires is vital to prevent extensive damage.

At Rhino Fire Control, our expert technicians ensure that every component of your fire suppression system is in full working order, including:

  • Early detection systems
  • Suppression canisters
  • Deployment units

Our versatile fire suppression solutions protect the most vulnerable parts of your business, from large commercial kitchens to sensitive electronic control cabinets, with regular maintenance a key factor in delivering effective responses when a fire breaks out.

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Expertly trained engineers to keep your business safe

Poor standards of servicing or maintenance pose a serious risk to the safety of your business’s employees, customers, and property. Substandard workmanship and inadequate knowledge undermine your fire protection systems and increase the chances of a catastrophe.

At Rhino Fire Control, our BAFE-certified engineers deliver the finest standards of maintenance and service.

By choosing Rhino Fire Control as your service partner, your business will benefit from:

  1. Individually designed, bespoke system maintenance packages that meet the unique needs of your company.
  2. Flexible contracts based on your requirements and legal obligations.
  3. Outstanding engineer knowledge to provide you with the most comprehensive fire protection.
  4. Our unique reporting packages keep you in touch with every aspect of your fire safety maintenance contracts.
  5. The constant peace of mind, knowing that your business’s assets are protected should the worst-case scenario occur.
Sprinklers 3

Sprinkler systems

A ‘sprinkler’, or fixed fire extinguishing system, is often the first line of defence when a fire breaks out, smothering a small fire with water, foam, or another appropriate suppressant. It is essential that sprinkler systems are regularly tested and maintained to ensure they don’t let you down when you need them most.

A service and maintenance visit from a Rhino Fire Control BAFE-certified engineer covers everything you need to ensure compliance and safety, including:

✔ Maintenance of the plumbing and electrical infrastructure that support your sprinklers

✔ Safety and efficiency testing

✔ Emergency repairs

✔ Maintenance of the alarm and detection systems

✔ Control panel repairs and maintenance

✔ Compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 17065

Fire safety signage

Fire safety signage gives your employees, customers, and visitors the information they need to find fire exits, locate fire extinguishers and fire doors, and follow crucial fire safety instructions. Fire safety signage is bespoke to each building, and should be updated whenever your building layout or function changes. It’s also essential that fire safety signage is kept clean and unobscured.

Our service and maintenance contracts ensure that your signage is relevant, informative, and easy to understand:

✔ Physical repairs and maintenance to signage

✔ New signage and updates as required

✔ Advice on the best signage strategy for your premises

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