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Emergency Lighting

At Rhino Fire Control, our tailored emergency lighting solutions support businesses of all types and sizes, in the industrial, commercial, local government, and health sectors. We work with you to develop a safe and accessible lighting system that matches your business type and the layout of your premises – to enable swift and effective evacuations should an emergency occur.

Our emergency lighting projects include bespoke systems for several specialist industries, including:

  • Food and drink production
  • Manufacturing
  • Public utilities and power generation
  • Catering facilities
  • Port authorities
  • Facilities management

Whether your business is based in an office, shop, factory, warehouse, public building, or other development, we can design and install an emergency lighting system that gives your employees and customers the best chance to escape if an evacuation is instigated.

Emergency Lighting Solutions For Every Business

When a fire breaks out, evacuation can be challenging. Damage to the electrical system may plunge your premises into darkness, while the presence of smoke can cloud corridors and passageways, create confusion, and disorientate your employees and customers as they try to escape.

With evacuation being time-critical – even down to the last second – it’s vital that your Fire Risk Management strategy provides for emergency lighting to assist people as they make their way to a place of safety.

Designing An Emergency Lighting System For Your Business

The regulations governing the design of emergency lighting systems are uncomplicated but engaging with an expert fire protection and control specialist ensures that every aspect of the installation is considered at the design stage.

Consequently, your organisation will comply with its legal obligations and staff, customers, and service users will be protected if a fire occurs.

Our experienced emergency lighting designers will design the layout of lighting in the most advantageous way possible, using two types of lighting: maintained (regular lighting with an emergency activation mode) and non-maintained (isolated units that activate during power cuts and emergencies).

Expert System Design

At Rhino Fire Control, we provide end-to-end emergency lighting management, comprising:

  • A detailed initial consultation, focusing on emergency evacuation routes and the positioning of lights.
  • Installation of lighting with minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Regular testing, maintenance, and servicing to keep your lighting system in optimum operating condition.

Next Steps

Our extensive industry expertise makes Rhino Fire Control your first choice for the design, installation, and maintenance of emergency lighting systems. Get in touch with one of our fire safety specialists today to find out more.

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