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Fire Extinguishers

At Rhino Fire Control, we provide a complete fire extinguisher supply and maintenance service, as well as system design and installation.

It is vital that fire extinguishers work when they are needed, so leaving it to chance is a risky (and illegal) strategy. Imagine cautiously approaching a small fire, only to discover that the extinguisher doesn’t deliver the powerful stream of water, foam, or powder required to smother the flames.

From our work with a variety of organisations, including factories, schools, hospitals, and public utilities, we understand that different businesses need different types of extinguishers, so our range of equipment ensures a bespoke solution that meets the unique needs of each setting.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Servicing

Regular fire extinguisher servicing is an essential element of BS 5306 (Fire Extinguisher Regulations), which states that an annual service must be completed by a suitably qualified and competent person for every extinguisher on your premises.

When your fire extinguishers need servicing, our BAFE-certified technicians will carry out a thorough inspection, ensuring that:

  • All components are assessed for wear or damage, including safety devices, valves, gauges, and operating mechanisms.
  • Any corrosion, internal or external, is identified.
  • The weight of the fire extinguisher is within the appropriate range.
  • Each fire extinguisher is correctly pressurised.

After servicing, an inspection certificate will be issued to prove that your business complies with safety legislation.

If an extinguisher requires replacement, we can provide expert advice about the different products available so you can make an informed decision.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Due to regulatory requirements, fire extinguishers must be installed by a qualified engineer. At Rhino Fire Control, our experts have extensive experience of positioning extinguishers correctly and using the right accessories to ensure safe and tamper-free installation.

Where specialist fixings are required to secure heavy fire extinguishers, for example to plasterboard walls, we can provide these or, if appropriate, install fire extinguisher stands.

As specialists in fire protection, we have an excellent knowledge of the legal requirements that govern the use of fire extinguishers in commercial and industrial settings. By carrying out a full site survey, we will ensure that extinguishers are sited correctly around your workplace, providing you with the reassurance that your premises are well-equipped to deal with the outbreak of a fire.

Next Steps

If you are interested in procuring new fire extinguishers, maintaining or servicing your current asset base, or would like to find out more about how to increase fire safety on your premises, please get in touch with one of our fire safety consultants today.

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