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What Will A Fire Suppression System Cost You In 2022?

As a commercial property owner or premises manager, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that you have taken all necessary steps to safeguard against the outbreak and spread of fire. A fire suppression system combines fire detection technology with immediate fire containment and suppression measures, giving occupants of the building ample time to escape while extinguishing the flames on the spot. Instead of water, which is problematic or ineffective against many types of fire, foam or carbon dioxide is often used in fire suppression systems depending on the location of the system and how the building is used.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Automatic Fire Suppression System Price?

To calculate the cost of a fire suppression system, there are several factors to take into consideration:

  • The type of suppression substance used.
  • The size of the area you wish to protect.
  • The size of the building.
  • Whether the property is for residential, commercial, or industrial use.
  • The type of detection installed.
  • The number of voids in the ceiling or floor.

The fire suppression system price will vary from one property to another, so it is essential to work with an experienced fire protection company who will assess your needs and evaluate the building before agreeing a final quote.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Fire Suppression System?

A fire suppression system installation cost can start around £1000 for microenvironments and upwards of £100,000 for large and complex systems. We recommend requesting a bespoke quote that provides the level of fire protection your business needs to fulfil its statutory health and safety obligations. Also, it is beneficial to work with an installer who is ISO-certified and offers additional quality assurances, such as being accredited by the BAFE Fire Safety Register.

By investing in a professionally installed fire suppression system, you benefit from:

  • Enhanced fire protection through integration with existing alarm and sprinkler systems.
  • Clean agent suppression that prevents extensive water damage to essential business assets.
  • An effective way to isolate the fuel and oxygen that feed a fire, thereby disrupting the chain reaction that results in combustion.
  • A reduction in fire damage to valuable business equipment.
  • An effective early warning system that gives people the best chance of escape and survival.

Professional Fire Suppression Advice From Rhino Fire Control

When it comes to implementing effective fire suppression solutions, there is no substitute for expert professional advice.

At Rhino Fire Control, we offer straightforward, affordable fire suppression systems for a variety of commercial properties, and we will always ensure that your assets are thoroughly protected should the worst-case scenario occur. To find out more, please contact us on 01278 422705 to arrange a consultation with one of our knowledgeable fire control experts.

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