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What Is The LPS1666 Standard And How Does It Benefit Automatic Fixed Fire Suppression Systems?

Effective measures are vital to suppress fires in electrical cabinets and enclosures, as the uncontained spread of flames to other enclosures or equipment will almost always cause extensive and disruptive damage.

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Automatic fixed fire suppression systems, such as PAFSS (Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression System) apply direct low pressure that is highly effective in extinguishing flames as soon as they are detected, ensuring a targeted and contained solution.

What Is LPS1666?

LPS1666 is the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) standard for the approval of direct low pressure in fixed fire suppression systems. It is certified for the protection of high-risk or vital electrical enclosures, including IT, distribution, control, communication, and switchgear equipment.

PAFSS was the first fire suppression system in the world to comply with the requirements of LPS1666 and is the only approved system with an allowance for vents and air flows.

The Benefits Of The LPS1666 Standard:

1. Effective fire protection

The overriding benefit of the LPS1666 standard is that your vital electrical assets will be thoroughly protected against fire. PAFSS provides effective protection within the electrical enclosure, so that any fire is immediately and comprehensively suppressed. This ensures that the fire is contained within the enclosure and is unable to spread to other enclosures or equipment, thereby minimising the damage and cost to your business.

2. A safer, more productive workplace

LPS1666 accredited fire suppression systems protect personnel from the dangers of fire. Enhanced safety and the ability to contain fires within a single electrical enclosure reduce the risk of injury, while minimal disruption will result in shorter or less frequent periods of equipment downtime.

3. Lower insurance premiums

Businesses who have fire suppression systems that meet the LPS1666 standard can expect to pay lower insurance premiums, as they can actively demonstrate that they have protection methods that are proven to be robust and reliable. By choosing an LPS1666 certified fire suppression system, such as PAFSS, you can expect to save money in the long-term as well as reinforcing your business’s fire protection strategy.

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