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Minimising Downtime With CNC Machine Fire Suppression Systems

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are the backbone of many industrial production lines, harnessing advanced automation technology to cut, shape, and create complex parts and components with incredible precision and repeatability. By increasing efficiency and productivity, CNC machines slash production times and reduce human error and waste, resulting in shorter lead times and higher quality output.
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Therefore, the consequences of a fire in a manufacturing facility can be severe, threatening not only expensive CNC machines but also the entire production line. CNC machine fire suppression systems are designed to minimise downtime and protect valuable equipment, so that production lines can be up and running quickly, with minimal disruption and damage.

Reducing Downtime, Protecting Revenue Streams

Unplanned downtime is a major issue for machine shops: research has revealed that the cost of equipment downtime to UK manufacturers is more than £180bn a year. Any delays in production can have a damaging ripple effect on schedules, deadlines, and profits, as well as causing irreparable damage to a business’s reputation. In particular, CNC machine fires are highly disruptive, as repairs can be lengthy and expensive, causing prolonged delays and financial losses. Fire suppression systems act quickly to stop fire in its tracks, minimising the extent of damage and preventing costly disruptions.

Hands-free Fire Protection

Unlike traditional handheld fire extinguishers, CNC machine fire suppression systems offer hands-free fire protection for staff that not only ensures a more rapid response in an emergency but also protects workers from potential danger. Automatic fire suppression systems do not require an operator to manually shut down the machine or to put themselves in danger by getting close to the flames. Instead, they are automatically triggered, minimising the need for human intervention and ensuring a swifter response to a potentially catastrophic situation.

Innovative Technology

Not all fires are the same, so it is imperative that fire suppression systems are matched to the type of fire and the specific risks posed to equipment and personnel. Automatic fire suppression systems for CNC machines utilise a pressurised tube that, if exposed to intense heat, automatically releases a fire suppressant, such as carbon dioxide or foam. The suppressant starves the fire of oxygen, quickly extinguishing it and preventing further damage to the equipment.

Reliability During Power Cuts

A critical advantage of automatic fire suppression systems is that they are independent of the mains electricity supply. Should a power cut occur, the system will continue to operate unfailingly, providing uninterrupted protection for CNC machines. Regular checks of the system are necessary to ensure that it will operate correctly if power is lost.

Minimal Clean Up And Reduced Downtime

Finally, fire suppression systems that use clean agents or carbon dioxide leave no messy residue behind. Consequently, the clean up after a fire is easier and quicker, so the CNC machine can be put to work more rapidly. Reduced downtime results in valuable savings and less disruption to production schedules.

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