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Rhino Fire Control Case Study: Bakkavor Bakeries

At Rhino Fire Control, we recognise that fire isn’t the only threat that businesses face. For this reason, we also supply and install a range of integrated security devices, including CCTV, alarms, and access controls, helping our clients to stay safe.

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Case Study: The Client

Located in Wiltshire, Bakkavor Bakeries is the UK’s leading supplier of freshly prepared food to grocery retailers. The company provides a variety of foods, including ready meals, pizza, bread, salads, and desserts.

The Project

Our client asked us to install CCTV in production areas within their facility to ensure 100 per cent coverage and avoid blind spots. This was stipulated as a requirement by their insurance company.

CCTV had to deliver high-quality images to support health and safety initiatives, security audits, and investigations, while complying with GDPR regulations.

The Challenges And Our Solutions

Due to the nature of our client’s business, we had to ensure the highest standards of hygiene when working on site to install the cameras. Any product contamination could have posed a risk to consumers and put our client in a difficult position, so we maintained the most rigorous approach when working in the food processing plant.

To minimise disruption to our client’s operations and reduce the risk of contamination, we installed cables in the roof void, enabling the client’s team to continue their activities undisturbed. Prior to works taking place in production areas, work operating procedures and methods were drawn up and approved by the on-site compliance team to ensure optimum levels of hygiene were maintained.


Our client was delighted that they now have comprehensive and high-quality CCTV that enables them to monitor and audit activity across the site. High resolution images allow staff to identify personnel quickly, in daylight and night-time conditions.

Client Testimonial

Rhino offered a no-nonsense, quick, and easy service to all our issues and have extensive knowledge of how to work safe in food factory environments - which was a refreshing change and made managing them on site an easy process.

I would recommend Rhino Fire to anybody requiring a quick, easy, professional response to CCTV,
fire, and security issues and projects.’

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