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Rhino Fire Control Case Study: Clipper Teas

In the following case study, we overcame a logistical problem that could have resulted in our client being put at risk in the event of a fire at their site. Recognising the potential dangers, we took positive action to maintain existing safety measures and ensure that, in the worst-case scenario, the building’s passive fire protection system safeguarded staff and resources.Speak To An Expert button cta (1)

Case Study: The Client

Clipper Teas is a supplier of fairly traded premium teas based in Dorset since 1984. The company was one of the first businesses in the UK to receive the Fairtrade Mark.

The Project

Our client asked us to install a new fire door on their premises which would form part of their fire compartmentation strategy. The previous door had been badly damaged and could not be repaired, leaving the premises at risk if a fire occurred.

Unfortunately, there was a long lead time for a fire door that matched the aesthetics of the previous model, which exposed our client to a safety risk that could not be left unchecked.

The Challenges And Our Solutions

Because the lead time for the replacement fire door was long, it was necessary to take alternative measures to provide effective fire protection in the interim.

As the door was on an important route for staff moving through the building, it was not logistically viable to board it over temporarily. As soon as the client provided their instructions, we were able to install a temporary fire door that met BM Trada regulations, which is the product certification scheme in the UK for fire door and compartmentation products.

This facilitated the free flow of people through the building, while providing fire compartmentation to protect resources in the event of a blaze. The permanent fire door was then fitted as soon as it was manufactured.


As a result of our work for Clipper Teas, their site now has a fully functioning and certified fire door that provides effective protection against smoke and flames, while meeting all relevant regulations.

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