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Rhino Fire Control Case Study: Montana Bakeries

At Rhino Fire Control, we install effective fire suppression systems for a range of settings. Fire suppression acts quickly to minimise the spread of a fire as soon as it is detected by deploying gas to smother the flames, without causing damage to valuable equipment.

In the following case study, our experience enabled us to ensure our client’s key assets and personnel are protected from fire and to meet the requirements of their insurance company.

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Case Study: The Client

We worked in partnership with Pentadel Project Management for Montana Bakeries in Slough, which is part of the Martin Braun-Gruppe Group who deliver products for the baking, confectionery, and catering industries in over 70 countries.

The Project

In this project, we were asked to install an automatic fire suppression system that would activate as soon as a fire was detected. The system, which used gas suppression, was installed in a thermal oil plant room, with shutdown forcing airflow from the air handling unit to trigger the fire damper on the air duct. The main fire alarm system would also be triggered to alert people of the danger of an active fire.

The Challenges And Our Solutions

Our client was upgrading their ovens to thermal oil ovens in the plant room, so there was an increased risk of fire. Consequently, our client’s insurance company required the building’s fire protection to be upgraded.

To ensure comprehensive protection that met the requirements of the insurance company, we designed a fire suppression system based on the risks. The system was designed to extinguish Class B fires, which are fires involving flammable liquids.

We also installed a control panel in the food production area where there was a high level of dust and washdown processes. To protect the control panel, we specified a suitable waterproof enclosure.


By installing a fire suppression system in accordance with our client’s needs, we ensured their key production assets are protected from fire, with personnel safeguarded by the main fire alarm.

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