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Safeguard Your Commercial Kitchen: The Importance of a Fire Suppression System

Your commercial kitchen is the lifeblood of your catering business, but it is also a high-risk area that is vulnerable to fire.

Fire can spread quickly and without mercy. If your kitchen was to be engulfed, it is certain that it would cause extensive damage, rendering essential equipment unusable and putting the premises off-limits until structural assessments and repairs had been undertaken – if these were even possible.

But your insurance company will step in and cover your costs, surely? Well, unfortunately the situation isn’t as simple as this. While your policy may cover the cost of repairs, refurbishment, and replacement equipment, it is unlikely to compensate for all your consequential losses:

  • Lost trade during the months it can take to complete buildings inspections and repairs.

  • Market loss to competitors.

  • The cost of sourcing and hiring new staff.

  • Marketing and promotional materials to publicise your business’s reopening.

  • The costs of re-establishing your company’s reputation.

Rhino Fire Control - Request An Online Consultation - TEXT CTAA Devastating Scenario That Isn’t As Unlikely As You May Think

While it is easy to be fooled into thinking that your commercial kitchen will never be affected by a blaze, official statistics confirm that food and drink premises are among the most common sites where fires occur. Between 2020-2021, there were nearly 1,000 fires in commercial kitchen, cafes, restaurants, and takeaway food outlets in the UK, 90 per cent of which were started accidentally.

Fires in commercial kitchens start for several reasons:

  • Intense heat sources from cooking equipment.

  • Accumulations of highly flammable grease on surfaces and in exhaust systems.

  • Non-stop cooking, sometimes for most of the day, which increases the likelihood of equipment malfunction or human error.

  • Complex equipment which increases potential ignition points.

  • Human error in hectic kitchen environments.

  • Combustible materials, particularly in proximity to flammable materials.

How A Fire Suppression System Could Prevent Your Business From Being Crippled

The aftermath of a commercial kitchen fire is far-reaching, often crippling businesses beyond recovery. However, a precisely designed, targeted fire suppression system, such as the PAFSS KitchenGuard, is an effective solution: an automatic fixed fire extinguishing system designed for professional kitchens that is specifically aimed at fire-prone equipment and workstations.

Precision And Targeted Action

The PAFSS KitchenGuard precisely targets fire-prone equipment, such as deep fat fryers, griddles, ranges, broilers, and woks. By quickly quelling fire at its source, the system prevents the spread of a blaze without accidentally extinguishing routine cooking processes, such as the chef's flambé.

An Eco-friendly And Effective Agent

Utilising a 99% biodegradable wet chemical agent, the PAFSS KitchenGuard not only swiftly deals with the threat of fire but also transforms cooking fat into a harmless, soapy substance that is non-flammable and can even help to clean surfaces!

Tailored Fit For Any Commercial Kitchen

With a modular design, the PAFSS KitchenGuard ensures a seamless fit for commercial kitchens of any size or layout, offering maximum protection with minimal installation inconvenience.

The PAFSS KitchenGuard is not just a safety measure, but a protective shield for your employees, customers, assets, and revenue streams. By automatically shutting down ignition sources when fire breaks out, it safeguards your business from catastrophic losses.

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