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6 Reasons Why Food Manufacturing Plants Benefit From Automatic Fixed Fire Suppression Systems

Food manufacturing and processing plants are considered to be ‘high risk’ fire safety environments, due in part to the extensive electrical equipment that is necessary for smooth and efficient production lines. Faulty wiring, overheating, or a routine mechanical issue can easily trigger an electrical fire. Effective and accurate fire detection and control measures are therefore needed to prevent a minor blaze from becoming a devastating inferno – posing a severe risk to persons and property.

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Investing in an automatic fire suppression system, such as a Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression System (PAFSS), offers food manufacturers a range of safety benefits for their electrical production equipment:

1. Easy To Install

A PAFSS is quick and easy to install on both new and existing equipment, so you can integrate it as you add new assets to your manufacturing line or add it to pre-installed equipment without extensive redesign being necessary.

2. Reliable

Reliability is crucial in automatic fire suppression systems, as undependable equipment could trigger false alarms, causing major disruption to your operations. PAFSS uses detection tubes that are unaffected by many types of contamination, including dust, oil, dirt, and debris, so it will only activate when a genuine fire is detected.

3. Remote Monitoring

PAFSS can be fitted with integral pressure switches that facilitate remote system monitoring and the safe initiation of protection measures. Should the worst-case scenario occur, your personnel will be kept safe, without unnecessary delays to the activation of fire suppression measures.

4. Doesn’t Require Electrical Power

PAFSS operates continuously without mains electrical power, ensuring that the system will continue to operate if the mains electricity supply is interrupted (e.g. by a fire or explosion on your production line!), so you can be confident of constant, reliable protection for your staff and equipment.

5. Complies With Current Standards

PAFSS fixed fire suppression systems are certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), a globally recognised third-party certification body whose history spans 150 years. PAFSS also complies with BS ISO 9001:2015, with an audited quality management system that reflects the respected BS hallmark.

6. Reduces Loss Of Profit

In the event of a fire, automatic fire suppression can significantly reduce the loss of profit compared to if fire suppression was not installed. Automatic fire suppression aids the early extinguishing of fire, minimising damage, reducing costly downtime, and allowing prompt startup of affected equipment.

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