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The Importance of Conducting Regular Inspections To Reduce False Alarms

Automatic fire alarms ensure that Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) are able to respond quickly when a fire is detected. However, of the 130,000 incidents recorded in 2021-2022, an incredible 97.5 per cent were false alarms, the majority of which were attributed to equipment issues.

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False fire alarms cause mayhem for businesses and FRS’s alike, so reducing false alarms is crucial if businesses are to minimise equipment downtime and maximise productivity. What steps can your business take to achieve this?

1. Carry Out Regular Inspections

To reduce the frequency of false alarms, it is vital to carry out regular fire alarm system inspections. These will help spot emerging faults at the earliest opportunity, so they can be quickly rectified, thus minimising the chance of a false alarm caused by technical problems. A qualified fire alarm specialist, such as Rhino Fire Control, will be able to investigate the causes of previous false alarms and suggest cost-effective solutions.

2. Ensure The Fire Alarm System Is Fit For Purpose

Regular inspection of the fire alarm system is also important to ensure that its design meets the needs of the business and is suited to the way the property is utilised. For example, it may be necessary to install different types of fire detectors to reduce accidental triggering, such as heat sensors in commercial kitchens that are activated only when the ambient temperature exceeds an upper normal limit. 

3. Review And Adjust Working Practices

False alarms may be caused by certain work practices near fire detectors, such as manufacturing with powdered raw materials. If necessary, changes to working practices and the way the building is used may be necessary to reduce accidental triggering of the alarm system.

Rhino Fire Control: Your First Choice For Expert Fire Alarm Maintenance

At Rhino Fire Control, our BAFE-certified technicians provide expert fire alarm testing and maintenance services. We can ensure that your fire alarms are fully operational and legal and reduce the frequency of false alarms, so your business benefits from maximum productivity and minimal disruption.

To arrange testing and maintenance of your business’s fire alarm systems, or to enquire about any aspect of fire safety on your premises, please contact our fire safety consultants today.

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