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Why Is It Important To Have Regular Fire Safety Training?

Make no mistake about it: fire kills. But, because fire-related deaths are uncommon in the UK, it’s easy for complacency to set in.

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Yet complacency itself poses a serious risk to life for two reasons. Firstly, if preventative measures are not carried out, the risk of a fire increases. Secondly, if a blaze occurs, people must understand that quick action is necessary to protect themselves. A lack of preparation can be fatal, so fire safety education and training will equip people with the knowledge needed to treat every potential fire as a danger to life.

A Matter Of Law

Fire safety training is required under UK law for all businesses, even if they have only a small number of employees or volunteers. This training should cover all aspects of fire safety, including:

  • Fire prevention strategies

  • The science behind fire: the fire triangle

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Different types of fire extinguishers, for example for use in food manufacturing

  • Safe evacuation routes for staff and customers

As the causes of fire are varied and different risks are present in different workplaces, fire safety training should be tailored to the needs of each organisation, so that content is relevant, and participants are properly informed about the dangers.

Ensure Staff Are Up To Date

Many employers wonder how often fire safety training should be carried out. While it’s easy to overlook a regular schedule, particularly if your team is fluid with lots of new starters throughout the year, regular training will ensure that all members of staff are kept up to date and that crucial information is retained.

New employees, particularly, will benefit from fire safety training, but as a rule all staff should be updated at least every 12 months. This will ensure that advice remains fresh in their minds and increases the likelihood of a positive outcome should the worst-case scenario occur.

A Positive Way To Save Lives

Ultimately, the aim of fire safety training is to improve people’s chances of survival should a fire occur. Regular training will equip your team with the knowledge needed to stay calm and focused during a fire, to protect themselves from danger and complete a swift and safe evacuation of the food manufacturing plant. But training will also educate your team so that any dangers are more likely to be spotted, enabling preventative action to be taken.

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