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Why Gas Suppression Systems Are Ideal For Server Rooms & Data Centres

Digital data is the lifeblood for many companies who depend on the 7.2 million data centres worldwide to securely store their critical information. Equally, many businesses and organisations continue to house their data using on-premises servers, so that important information is centralised for ease of access from any device and location.

A data centre or server room fire, therefore, could be crippling for a business that depends on its digital data for its day-to-day operations. The loss of equipment and data can occur in minutes once a fire takes hold, causing significant downtime and lost trade. Startlingly, 93 per cent of businesses who experience an extended data loss (more than 10 days) register for bankruptcy within a year, while one-half collapse immediately. Given how high the stakes are, how can fire suppression systems, such as those that use gas, help to prevent catastrophe by protecting data centres and server rooms?

Preventing Damage To Critical Hardware

The heart of any server room or data centre is the electronic equipment that powers it. Traditional fire suppression methods, such as water or foam, can cause irreparable damage to this equipment, causing short circuits, corrosion, or complete failure. Gas suppression systems, on the other hand, use clean agents that leave no residue and cause no harm to sensitive electronic components. Even in the event of a serious fire, essential infrastructure will escape unscathed.

A Rapid Response

In a confined space that is filled with heat-generating servers, even a small fire can rapidly escalate. Gas suppression systems are designed to act swiftly, often detecting and suppressing an incipient fire before it has a chance to spread. The ability to react with speed and precision is crucial when every second counts.

A Safe Solution For Data

Apart from the physical hardware, digital data stored in server rooms and data centres is of immense value to modern and competitive businesses. The clean agents used in gas suppression systems are non-conductive, so they won't cause short circuits or other electrical problems that could lead to data loss. By investing in gas suppression systems, you’ll not only protect your hardware but your critical data, too.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime in a server room or data centre can have far-reaching consequences for businesses, their suppliers, and customers. Traditional fire suppression methods can necessitate an extensive clean up and the replacement of equipment, resulting in prolonged downtime, during which customers will likely seek alternatives as orders cannot be fulfilled, while suppliers, too, may lose confidence in your company’s ability to operate. Gas suppression systems, however, leave no residue to clean up and, since they don't damage equipment, your server room can be operational again much more quickly after a fire.

An Eco-friendly Option

Many of the clean agents used in gas suppression systems are environmentally friendly. They have zero ozone depletion potential and contribute little to global warming, making them a sustainable choice. While it is to be hoped that your gas suppression system will never need to be used, by choosing it you will play a part in contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.

Find Out More

Investing in a gas suppression system will provide your business with the fast, efficient, and non-destructive fire protection it needs for its computer server rooms. To find out more, please book a free, no-obligation online consultation with Rhino Fire Control today!


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