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Room Integrity Tests Explained

29 August 2023
When fire breaks out, your business needs effective measures to deal with the danger and minimise damage to property and assets. Fire suppression systems are designed to detect, control, and extinguish fires in premises where a sprinkler system would be ineffective or...
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Man holding a fire extinguisher, close up of the end of the extinguisher. Wearing a shirt. Has some light leak and background blurred.

The 5 Classes Of Fire Extinguishers Used In The UK

Because fires themselves differ, it is vital to have the right fire extinguishers to tackle them. There are five basic types of fire extinguishers used in the UK to match the main classes of fire, denoted by Classes A, B, C, D, Electrical and F.
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An electrician providing regular maintenance to the fire alarm system to reduce the likelihood of false alarms

Why Should You Record All False Alarm Incidents?

False fire alarms are surprisingly common. According to official UK government statistics, in 2020 over 40 per cent of incidents that Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) attended were false alarms. Not only do false alarms distract resources away from genuine emergencies, but they...
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