Rhino Fire Control Case Study: Clipper Teas

28 September 2022
In the following case study, we overcame a logistical problem that could have resulted in our client being put at risk in the event of a fire at their site.
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Bakkavour Bakeries Case Study

Rhino Fire Control Case Study: Bakkavor Bakeries

At Rhino Fire Control, we recognise that fire isn’t the only threat that businesses face. For this reason, we also supply and install a range of integrated security devices, including CCTV, alarms, and access controls, helping our clients to stay safe.
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Why You Should Never Wedge Open A Fire Door

Fire doors are a crucial part of a building’s passive fire safety system, preventing the spread of smoke and flames when a fire breaks out. In any fire, time is of the essence: the longer that a blaze can be contained, the more likely it is that occupants will have the time to...
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When May A Fire Suppression System Be Required?

When a fire breaks out, a rapid response is required to contain and extinguish it before major damage is inflicted on your premises and assets. A sprinkler system is often regarded as the failsafe solution, but in some buildings, it isn’t the most suitable option and could...
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