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How PAFSS Fire Suppression Systems Are Effective In Protecting Electrical Enclosures

16 February 2023
Electrical equipment, fires in electrical enclosures are not always obvious to detect – at least initially – as the smoke and heat is securely contained, so special detection equipment may be necessary to ensure a prompt response.
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Firefighters spraying water on a fire showing that is is important businesses have fire risk assessments.

The Importance Of Your Business Having Fire Risk Assessments

A serious fire in the workplace can have a devastating impact on the future of the business, destroying expensive equipment, damaging the structural integrity of the building, and – of course – putting the lives of employees at risk. In this short article, we will discuss the...
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Fire alarm button with instructions underneath, essential for fire alarm maintenance

All You Need To Know About Fire Alarm Maintenance

A fire alarm system that doesn’t operate correctly is a serious risk to life and property. Providing essential warning so that people can evacuate a building when smoke or fire is detected, fire alarms are critical components of fire safety systems and, by law, must be...
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Fire door featuring vital components such as fire exit keep clear lettering

What Components Are Vital For A Fire Door?

Fire doors offer effective protection against the spread of smoke and flames so that, in the event of a blaze, people can safely evacuate a building. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have compliant fire doors installed on their premises: earlier this year, a report by the...
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